The ball is just as expensive as the worker’s monthly salary. Here manufactured the ball to make history

প্রতিবেদক : মাসুম


It’s the ball that will make history in Brazil.

It is made with craftsmanship of women in Pakistan that will never be able to afford to buy the ball to their children.

Nevertheless, it is with pride and enthusiasm they now do Brazuca that can change the football stars’ future.

It takes 40 minutes to produce World Cup ball Brazuca and factory in Pakistan can produce 100 balls per hour. The quality requirements are enormous and every ball undergo extensive testing. It shall weigh exactly 437 grams, have a circumference of 69 centimeters and be round enough that with a total of 4500 measurement points clear 3D test by a computer.
Sewn together by hand

It will also resist water, bounce a certain height, have the right shine on the surface and able to be pushed out in 50 km / h against a metal plate 3500 times. To accomplish all of the required skills and crafts.

All panels on the balls sewn together by hand by women working in the factory Forward Sports Sialkot in eastern Pakistan. Child labor is claimed to now be eradicated and the factory requires identity verification before someone is hired, writes AFP.
“I am very proud”

One of them is five child’s mother Gulshan Bibi. She has no idea who Leo Messi but is now looking forward to see the FIFA World Cup on television.

– The balls we do must be used and all the women who work here are very proud, says Bibi told AFP.

But any ball, the women in the factory hardly be able to take home. According to AFP, earning most minimum wage in Pakistan at the equivalent of more than 1200 per month.

The balls they produce goes into the business of more than 1000 Euros each.

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