Don and Maxine’s love extended into death

প্রতিবেদক : মাসুম


Don and Maxine Simpson were married for 62 years.

Now they’ve gone away – hand in hand.

– My grandparents were meant to be together and meant to die together, says grandchild Mellisa.
Don, 90, and Maxine, 88, lived in Bakersfield, California, where they met in a bowling alley in the late 40’s. Since the wedding day in 1952 they kept their promises and lived together in sickness and in health.

But not even death could separate the spouses together.

“Left this world together”

They died as they lived, hand in hand and with a smile.

– They left this world together, says grandchild Melissa Sloan to the local ABC news channel.

Their last chapter in life began two weeks ago when Don fell in her home and broke her hip. After that, his health deteriorated and simultaneously began the cancer Maxine fought for years toll on her health.

Low hand in hand

To avoid having to distinguish between the spouses to the family saw that they were lying next to each other side by side at the home of her grandchildren. There lay they hands when Maxine took her last breath.

When she moved out of the room began to falter Dons breathing and four hours later, he followed his wife out of the earth life.

– I know deep down that this was how it would happen, says Melissa Sloan.

– They did everything together and I think they had decided to leave earth life together too.

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