22-year-old revealed airline secret discount!

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Data Genius Aktarer ZamAktarer_Zaman1an, 22, of New York built a site that revealed the airlines’ secret discount travel. Now he has been sued in the travel industry – while investors queuing up to get spending money in the hobby project.

A hidden tricks to fly extra inexpensive laid the foundation for 22-year-old computer engineer Aktarer Zaman success. Now it threatens also be his downfall.

United Airlines and travel website Orbitz sued him in November, totaling 450,000 dollars, about 3.7 million, for what they believe is lost revenue.

– My service has grown a lot in recent times, only through mobiles, I have 400,000 users. 8000 new added every day, says Aktarer Zaman.

– But I have great guys with deep pockets against me. I do not know where this ends.

The trick that Aktarer Zaman price search engine Skiplagged utilizes the so-called “Hidden City” phenomenon. In simple terms, it is about buying a flight with a stopover in the place where you really should.

Suppose you want to travel from New York to Paris on 25 February. A common way ticket turns out to cost $ 532. Skiplagged find the same flight for $ 304.

However, the cheaper flight is actually the first part of a travel that ends in Copenhagen. You simply step off the plane in Paris and your seat is unoccupied, the second stage of the journey to the Danish capital.

There are those routes and price differences Skiplagged finds and lists. Within the travel industry, they are a public secret in airline pricing mechanism, which occurs at intermediate stops in places with high demand but where the final destination is relatively low demand. Thus priced entire route is lower.

– There is a high demand for direct flights. That’s what creates this opportunity, says Aktarer Zaman.

This method only works as long as you do not check in any luggage, as the case then proceeds to the final destination. Nor is it possible to book a round trip ticket.

Is there not a risk that the air fare is raised for all of us if many start using your way to book travel on?

– Lower fares may actually attract more people to travel, giving airlines more money, claiming Aktarer Zaman.

– My belief is that prices do not increase at all over time as a result of this. If anything, they can drop.

But the aviation industry, and especially United Airlines and Orbitz who sued him, claiming instead that it is against regulations to travel in the manner Skiplagged advocates. The companies of the lawsuit until “unfair competition” as an argument, and says that a traveler by buying a ticket agrees to go all the way to the final destination.

Critics also point out that the method generates empty chairs in the plan that airlines can not sell because they have already been sold once.

Aktarer Zaman and his lawyers argue that he was not doing anything illegal, and that it is the traveler’s free choice to utilize as much or little it wants a paid ticket.

When the mood came, Aktarer first nervous, he says, but now he takes it in stride.

– Given what I do – helping people to save money – so I can not say I was really surprised. I felt that something was going on. Now just to wait.

A collection on the net so far has generated over 70,000 dollars that Aktarer Zaman to use for legal expenses.

His family moved to New York from Bangladesh before he was five years old. He defied his parents’ computer prohibitions and figured out how the home computer worked. So awakened his interest in technology.

– In 1999 they bought a “desktop” desktop. It was like a magic box for my curiosity.

He started Skiplagged 2013 as a hobby project. Until the summer working Aktarer Zaman as an engineer on Jeff Bezos e-commerce site Amazon, but resigned when Skiplagged took more and more of his time.

At the same time began to venture capitalists in touch and wanted to invest.

– But I declined their offers.

In late December, CNN published a story on Skiplagged and the lawsuit against the young computer genius. Visit statistics for the site exploded.

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